Divertissement Sugar Entertainment - Montreal

Sugar Entertainment in Conjunction with Pacifica productions is proud to intoduce

Your guest strike a pose in front of a camera. They activate the camera via a touchscreen and receive a 4x6 print in their hands in less than 20 seconds. They can choose to retake the photo or print multiple copies.

Tons of props ( glasses, hats etc... ) add to the fun of taking pictures. Our packages come with unlimited prints so guests can go back and back again for more wacky fun shots. All pictures taken are instantly displayed on a 42 inch screen as part of a slideshow.

Our booths are equipped with Professional Cameras, lighting and printers

A large touchscreen monitor so guests can see themselves posing and activate the camera themselves when they are ready.

A 42 inch screen facing the party so guests can enjoy a slideshow as pictues are taken

Unlimited instant prints

Custom graphics on the prints including logos and colors to flow with your theme.

Tons of props for guests to use.

A dvd with all pictures taken is available to you.